Rockford five-year capital plan tops $345 million


Chicago Construction News staff writer

Rockford city council has approved a $345 million for infrastructure projects, including funding for roads, bridges, wells and water systems.

The city’s five-year capital plan exceeds last year’s $248 million – due to inflation and an increase in the number of projects scheduled.

The city also plans on a $10 million reconstruction of Whitman Street – rebuilding the roadway, sidewalk repairs and realignment of the road at the curve, as well as water utility upgrades.

“The program’s mission continues to be the advancement of enhancing public safety, maintaining and improving the movement of commerce and economic activity throughout the city, promoting a sense of well-being for the community as a whole, and maintaining a safe, adequate, and reliable potable water supply to customers,” staff wrote in a report to council.

“Areas of emphasis in this program include the programming of regular maintenance activities to economically prolong the life of our infrastructure, targeted repairs to our highway structures, improvement of our stormwater system, continued investment into neighborhood and arterial streets, enhancement of our City-wide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, strategic water main replacement, and well facility enhancements.”

Upcoming major projects include:

Rockford Complete Streets Revitalization

  • estimated project cost: $22 million
  • Current phase: preliminary engineering

15th Ave. over Rock River Bridge replacement

  • Estimated project cost $13.8 million
  • Current phase: design engineering

Whitman Street Reconstruction

  • Estimated project cost: $10 million
  • Current phase: design engineering


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