Former OfficeMax headquarters to undergo major renovation

office max chicago
Image: Former OfficeMax headquarters /Google Maps

Real Estate developer Franklin Partners and Wright Heerema Architects have purchased a vacant Naperville building – once the headquarters for OfficeMax – and plan to undertake a major renovation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The 263 Shuman Blvd. complex will be redeveloped as an office building that is expected to draw suburban millennials to the area, according to the report.

“The 350,000-sq. ft. office building will be reinvented as a socially activated, multi-tenant building after a long life as a corporate headquarters location, dating back to its initial development in 1987 for AT&T,” Wright Heerema Architects said in a press release.

Construction is scheduled to begin later this year, with completion expected in early 2019.


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