CCHRB invites students to apply for $5K scholarship program

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The Chicago Committee on High-Rise Buildings (CCHRB) is currently accepting applications for its $5,000 annual scholarship program.

To qualify, applicant must be a student of a college or university with an alumnus serving as member of the CCHRB. Senior and junior-level undergraduates, who have at least two semesters remaining, are encouraged to apply. Graduate students are also eligible.

Area of study should be related to the organization’s purpose, which is to improve the design construction, operation and rehabilities of high-rise structures. This includes, but not limited to, the following disciplines: architecture, engineering, construction management, and real estate.

Before submitting requirements, interested applicants are asked to send an email message, expressing their intention to apply.

Afterwards, the following documents must be submitted on or before Jan. 15, 2018: a completed CCHRB scholarship application; official transcript/unofficial transcript signed by faculty adviser; two letters of recommendation, preferably from an adviser, professor or department; and a statement from the institution showing expected family contribution, cost of attendance and total of existing scholarships and financial aids.

CCHRB also requires a two-page executive summary an applicant’s proposal to conduct a research or study related to the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of high-rise buildings. The project can be conducted as part of an independent study class, design studio, laboratory investigation, field investigation of existing construction, or travel and documentation. It may also include ongoing research conducted under the college or university.

A specific work product is expected. For compliance with the proposal, applicants will be requested to present results of their research or study. A one-page essay summarizing the practicality, originality and applicability of the project should also be submitted.

The winner will be selected and announced in February 2018.


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