Ald. Moore approves proposal for expansion of 100-year-old Greenleaf building at Rogers Park

Greenleaf building
Rendering of the converted Greenleaf building (Craft Architecture)

After considering input from 175 community residents and the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Advisory Committee, Alderman Joe Moore announced Nov. 22 his support for the proposed expansion of a 100-year-old building at 1730 Greenleaf, with the condition that the developer obtains off-site parking options for future tenants

Developer David Gassman proposed to restore the facade into its original appearance, and then convert it into a residential apartment building. Two stories will be added, allowing space for 30 dwelling units comprised by five studios and 25 one-bedroom units.

All units will be for rent and fully accessible, with three affordable to households earning below 60% of the area’s median income, $33,180 for a single-member household or $37,290 for a two-member household.

Located within 593 ft. of the Rogers Park Metra station,  the property is subject to the city’s Transit-Oriented Development ordinance. It is currently classified as C1-2 with an allowance for up to seven dwelling units. To build the proposed 30 units without on-site parking, the property requires a zoning change to B2-3 and an exemption from the city’s one-for-one onsite vehicle parking requirement.

Despite opposition from residents due to the absence of on-site parking, Moore granted the exemption provided that Gassman leases ten spaces in the Hare Krishna Temple’s parking lot, which sits immediately across the project designed by Craft Architecture.

“The building structure itself covers the entire footprint of the lot and cannot accommodate any parking on site. If I mandated on-site parking, the proposed development simply wouldn’t be possible, leaving the building to decline further or be demolished,” stated Moore in his announcement posted on the 49th Ward’s official page.


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