New bike lanes are coming to Milwaukee Ave. in Logan Square


The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced that new protected bike lanes will be installed starting today on Milwaukee Ave. from Western to California avenues.

The project will include pedestrian safety infrastructure, access to transit improvements, and protected bike lanes along the corridor, one of the city’s most heavily travelled bike routes.

The changes will be phased in and will begin with the relocation of some paid parking spaces and installation of bike lanes starting today and over the next several weeks. The work will continue later this fall with the installation of two new crosswalks. In 2021, a new bus boarding island will be constructed at Milwaukee and Maplewood.

The city’s Vision Zero Action Plan identified Milwaukee Ave. as a High Crash Corridor.

The CDOT says it established a redesign that would better reflect the needs and use of the corridor. These improvements include northbound and southbound protected bike lanes to separate people biking from automobile traffic, as well as bump outs and crosswalks that will improve the visibility of pedestrians. These infrastructure improvements are designed to make the corridor safer for all users and improve neighborhood access to local businesses.

Over 35 new bike racks are also being installed between California and Western to ensure ample bike and scooter parking. Some on-street paid parking spaces on Milwaukee Avenue will be relocated to nearby streets. Residential permit parking will not be impacted.

Construction of the protected bike lanes and pedestrian bump outs started Sept. 14 and will take approximately two weeks, weather permitting. During the first few days of construction, parking will be restricted on Milwaukee Ave. and visitors will be encouraged to park on side streets near their destination.


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