Mystery: Can you connect a Chicago construction company owner with a bus in Greece?

Greek bus
File photo of a Greek bus (not specifically the one described in the email.(

Could there be a correlation between a Chicago construction company owner and a London/South African woman who met on a bus in Greece, or is this just a long-shot pining for a vague and transient meeting?

The only way to test the question is to pose it, with this email Chicago Construction News received from the UK earlier this week.

This is probably a request you don’t get often, but my best friend, Jenna, was in Santorini in Greece earlier this month and met a lovely Chicagoan who owns his own construction company. They chatted for a whole bus journey in Greece and then this mystery Chicago guy almost missed his stop and rushed off the bus without exchanging names or numbers.

We have very limited info about him other than he owns a construction company in Chicago, he speaks Spanish as he’s from Mexican descent and that he was spending 3 weeks in Greece travelling.

Jenna, my friend, hasn’t stopped mentioning him so thought I would try my best to pair the 2 up. She lives in London, but is from South Africa.

Not sure if you have a newsletter or a Facebook page you can post any of this on? Who knows, it might go viral and we might end up with the cutest story ever for Chicago Construction News!

Let me know what you think


The writer provided a contact email address and phone number (but partly to provide protection from spammers and scammers), we won’t publish that information here. However, if you think the story connects with you or someone you know well, let us know by providing a detail or two that logically only you and the mystery woman would know.

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