Lawyers spend $19,847,600 for e-business renovation at 321 N. Clark

321 North Clarik
321 N. Clark (Wikipedia image)

It’s quite the renovation — in fact, the $19,847,600 building permit for four floors at 321 N. Clark St. at Riverfront Plaza is the largest building permit issued by the City of Chicago in the past week.

The permit says: “Demolition and interior build-out of floors: 27, 28, 29 and 30 as per plans. Floors 27, 28 and 29 to be e-business. Floor 30 to be mixed occupancy: C2-Small assembly and e-business. No change to existing occupancy. No structural work to be performed.”

The general contractor is Clune Construction Company. Subtrades include: ElectricalKelso-Burnett Co., plumberSouth Park Plumbing Inc.; and ventilation F.E. Moran.

The permit references Foley & Larnder LLP, a law firm with several offices in the US and internationally, as “owner occupied”, and its office address at 2800 – 321 N . Clark matches the site’s description.


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