Lawyers spend $19,847,600 for e-business renovation at 321 N. Clark

321 North Clarik
321 N. Clark (Wikipedia image)

It’s quite the renovation — in fact, the $19,847,600 building permit for four floors at 321 N. Clark St. at Riverfront Plaza is the largest building permit issued by the City of Chicago in the past week.

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The permit says: “Demolition and interior build-out of floors: 27, 28, 29 and 30 as per plans. Floors 27, 28 and 29 to be e-business. Floor 30 to be mixed occupancy: C2-Small assembly and e-business. No change to existing occupancy. No structural work to be performed.”

The general contractor is Clune Construction Company. Subtrades include: ElectricalKelso-Burnett Co., plumberSouth Park Plumbing Inc.; and ventilation F.E. Moran.

The permit references Foley & Larnder LLP, a law firm with several offices in the US and internationally, as “owner occupied”, and its office address at 2800 – 321 N . Clark matches the site’s description.


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