Lakeview historic house to become 10-unit apartment building

1416 addison

A historic turn-of-the-century Lakeview house at 1418 W. Addison St. will likely be converted to a 10-unit apartment building by early 2016.

Nicholas Ftikas, an attorney for the project owners, said at a Southport neighbors’ meeting that the developers have already received the Commission on Chicago Landmarks’ support. “Our proposal is to essentially put a side and rear addition on the existing building,” he said. “We plan to preserve the entire front façade,” reports

The developers plan to build three one-bedroom units, six two-bedroom units and one three-bedroom unit. Coordinating with the historic front façade, details like brick and metal trim in the back and sides of the building will be used, architect Brent Norsman says.

The house will also have a slate roof and copper elements inside with plenty of green space. The plan includes 10 parking spaces, bike storage and a dog-washing station as well as seven outdoor spots along the side of the building and three inside a back garage.

Preservation Chicago “is maybe concerned that this is really a facade-ectomy, and there’s not a lot of preservation of the bulk of the building that wraps around the side,” said Preservation Chicago executive director Ward Miller. “We really do commend any developer that comes in and works with the fabric of the structure.”

Developers require a zoning change as current zoning allows only six apartments. The result of Southport neighbors’ secret ballet voting on the zoning change will be sent to Ward Ald. Tom Tunney (44th)’s office.

The construction work is expected to begin in February or March and be completed within a year if everything remains on schedule.


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