Inclement weather stalls construction projects


May was a particularly rainy month for Chicago and so far, June hasn’t been much better.

In fact, May set a record for rainfall in the city. With all that sogginess, many construction jobs had to be put on hold. Roofers, painters and landscapers are having to play catch up.

ABC Eyewitness News said the weather determines how fast workers can complete their projects.

Jim Amatore, of Chicago Painters Inc., said people are pretty frustrated since every time it rains, more work days are lost.

“The customers don’t understand that. They get upset. Any time we get a chance to come in here we gotta get in here,” Amatore said, adding they are already 10 weeks into the outdoor project season. “We want to get it done faster than they do, trust me, because then we get paid on it and we’re on to the next job.”


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