CTA closes on south Red Line lands

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Out of five alternatives, the CTA has finally come to two “desirable options” for the route of the planned CTA Red Line extension on the Far South Side which will run either immediately east or west of a freight railroad right of way, as reported by Chicago Tribune. The project is part of CTA’s grand $2.3 billion construction plan.

The CTA prefers the option of using the Union Pacific Railroad right of way in some fashion from 99th to about 118th streets which will extend the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line 5.3 miles, from the 95th Street terminal to 130th Street.

CTA officials have disclosed that four new fully accessible stations completed with bus and parking facilities will be constructed near 103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue and 130th Street.

For the extension project, CTA requires buying about 250 private properties, including about 100 residential properties, said CTA officials. Also Union Pacific has yet to agree on using any of its right of way.

Though no funding for land acquisition or construction has been secured yet according to CTA officials $5 million in bond funds will be used to move forward on the required federal planning process for the extension.


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