City of Chicago seeking proposals for creative outdoor spaces


The City of Chicago Department of Transportation is seeking proposals for its “Chicago Alfresco” program from community organizations throughout Chicago interested in creating active community spaces that are anchored by outdoor dining and highlight community-focused placemaking, support community identity, and provide opportunities for public enjoyment.

Chicago Alfresco is part of a city initiative to open streets and create places for dining, public life, community, arts, culture, walking and biking.

The city will be accepting project proposals from community organizations interested in incorporating outdoor dining and community activity in the public way. The Chicago Alfresco Design Guidelines, which are included as part of this request for project proposals, encourage the thoughtful design of visually appealing community places that cultivate a sense of ownership, belonging, and safety through activation, physical transformation, community engagement, and economic development.

Eligible projects will demonstrate how outdoor dining can be used as a placemaking tool to activate public spaces and incorporate community activity. Local community organizations, such as chambers of commerce, special service area providers, and other not-for-profit organizations are invited to submit project proposals. Project duration must be a minimum of six months and preference will be given to those that commit to activating the public way for up to three years.

Proposals will be accepted for projects of a variety of types and scales. The Chicago Alfresco Design Guidelines show potential programming elements that can be incorporated in projects, including but not limited to, barriers, surface materials, furnishings, festoon lighting, and landscape materials.

The proposal submission deadline is April 15 at 5PM CDT.

For more information, click here.


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