Chicago issues $200 million RFP for renewable energy supplier for all city-owned buildings

Chicago City Hall green roof
Chicago City Hall green roof (wikipedia source:

The City of Chicago has issued Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure a renewable energy supply contract for city-owned buildings. “Through the procurement of a renewable energy supply contract, the city aims to stabilize municipal energy costs, stimulate the local green economy, create high-quality green jobs, improve air quality and environmental impacts across the region, and reinforce Chicago’s commitment to addressing climate change,” Mayor Lightfoot’s office said in a statement issued on Sept. 2.

“Chicago is at the forefront of large cities leading the way to mitigate climate change, and a shift to renewable energy for the City is another exemplary step in our efforts,” Lightfoot said. “It is crucial for local municipalities to take their own measures in combatting climate change especially at a time when the federal government chooses to ignore the very real impacts it causes.”

The contract will provide all city-owned buildings, streetlights and other facilities with reliable, renewable electricity supply for at least five years beginning in 2022. The current cost of powering just city-owned buildings with energy is around $40 million annually, resulting in an estimated renewable electricity supply contract of $200 million for the vendor. The solicitation of a renewable energy supply contract is another step forward in the city’s commitment to ensure all city-owned buildings and operations are powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. Additionally, the contract will lead to the creation of new renewable generation facilities in the region, leading to job creation and air quality benefits, and supplying the city at least 50 percent of its electricity supply by 2025.

“The City is looking forward to securing a renewable energy supplier that will help Chicago achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025,” said Assets, Information and Services (AIS) Commissioner David Reynolds. “It is especially important for the city to give a boost to the local green economy, create green jobs and expand renewable energy infrastructure in all of our communities.”

 Once a new contract is established, the city anticipates providing other municipal entities, including sister agencies, with the ability to execute their own contracts with the city’s selected provider using the commercial framework established by the city’s RFP process.

The renewable energy supply RFP is live on Applications are due by November 6, 2020, and the City plans to announce the chosen vendor for this contract in January 2021.


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