Online workshop will explain process for prequalification with IDOT


Firms interested on becoming DBE certified having opportunities to bid on Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) projects can attend an online workshop this Friday, July 28.

The Office of Business and Workforce Diversity is holding an online session from 10 a.m. to noon for participants to learn about DBE certification through IDOT, the prequalification process, and the supportive services offered to them.

In order to work for IDOT, contractors must first seek prequalification in specialized categories. Once prequalified, a firm is eligible to submit a bid on state and locally advertised projects. If awarded the contract, the firm follows department rules and regulations until fulfillment of the contractual obligation.

The prequalification process is governed by Title 44 Illinois Administrative Code Section 650. Prequalification grants a firm permission to bid on construction contracts, including local agency projects. Moreover, a prequalified prime is automatically classified as a registered subcontractor.

There are about 750 firms currently prequalified to bid on state highway and locally advertised projects in Illinois. The prequalification categories are Architect/Engineer, Contractor and Construction Manager/Program Manager

Updated every Monday, the List of Prequalified Firms provides the name, address, phone, fax numbers and the numerical work categories for which each firm is prequalified.

You can register at this link.


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