ARCO Murray to build $88 million River North tower for North Wells Capital

311 huron arco murray

ARCO Murrray will start work soon on an $88 million project to build a 15 story tower at  311 W. Huron for developer North Wells Capital.

NORR designed the structure, which combines retail and parking on the ground level, with office floors averaging 16,250 sq. ft. Spins, a market research firm, will occupy 48,000 square feet of space on the building’s top three levels as the main tenant, Construction Review Online reports.

The building is one of three that the company is building on River North, along with work at 306 W. Erie (that has already started) and 320 W. Huon. The developer calls the overall project Verso.

The 311 W. Huron project is scheduled for completion in September 2023.


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