Alderman, residents support Bloomingdale trail affordable apartments plan

lucha project

Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) along with some neighbors have supported the Latin United Community Housing Association’s LUCHA affordable 10-building construction plan known as Tierra Linda (meaning “beautiful land”) along the Bloomingdale trail in Humboldt Park and Logan Square. They voiced their backing for the project at an Oct. 14  meeting at Envision Unlimited’s Westtown Center, 1801 N. Spaulding Ave.

LUCHA’s proposal includes 42 residential units with six 3-flat buildings at 1812 N. Drake Ave., 1757 N. Drake Ave., 1822 N. Sawyer Ave., 1802 N. Sawyer Ave., 1929 N. Drake Ave., 1858 N. Drake Ave, and four 6-flat buildings at 1749-1751 N. Drake Ave., 1649-1651 N. Drake Ave., 1834-1838 N. Sawyer Ave. and 1808-1810 N. Kedzie, reports Each unit will have two to four bedrooms, depending on size.

The project is expected to cost roughly $17 million, out of which $9 million will be provided in city tax credits, according to LUCHA executive director Juan Linares. “The challenge is always to reduce costs, however we want cutting edge environmental design,” he said.

The association is currently seeking a zoning change and expects to complete the project by 2017.

“Our aim is to build beautiful buildings that fit within the fabric of the neighborhood,” Linares said. “This is wealth generation for our community.”


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