Williams Architects to receive $2.5 million to design city’s first indoor public track facility

Gatley Park
Gatley Park

The Chicago Park District has approved a $2.5 million contract with Williams Architects to design the city’s first indoor track facility at Gatley Park in Pullman.

The 104,000 sq. ft. project, with an overall estimated cost of $22 to $26 million, ran into a snag last year when Gov. Bruce Rauner froze $14.5 million in state grants. The Park District has found support including $2.5 million from the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources and  $3 million from the Illinois Dept. of Commerce, leaving $9 million in state funds that remain frozen, The Chicago Tribune has reported.

Heather Gleason, the Park District’s director of planning and development, said it would take as much as two years to construct the project once funding is secured.


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