Two new heliports under construction in Chicago

Vertiport Chicago

Two new Chicago heliports, about two miles from each other, are under construction and are expected to open by summer 2015, reports

Houston-based Nighthawk Services is constructing the Illinois Medical Center Vertiport on a 10-acre site owned by the Illinois Medical District on the west side. The $13 million project for public use has been financed with private equity and supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The project plan includes a 30,000-sq. ft. hangar, a 15,000-sq. ft. terminal with an office and waiting room and ramp space for up to 60 helicopters. Designed by architectural firm Ware Malcolmb, the Vertiport will feature landing and takeoff areas, storage facility, parking, underground fuel tanks, and an ambulance entrance.

Warren Ribley, executive director of the Illinois Medical District Commission (IMDC), said earlier that Vertiport “will allow our four hospitals and first responders to quickly tend to the needs of patients who require essential life-saving treatment.”

Sollitt is building the Vertiport.

Chicago Helicopter Express is also building a new facility for its future air-tour operations, flying Airbus EC130B4s. The facility will feature a 17,500-sq. ft. terminal and hangar complex, fuel farm, helipad for 14 helicopters as well as water-taxi dock and access from the Orange line. The plan was approved in spring 2014.


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