SMACNA recognizes Chicago-based Tony Adolfs as Chapter Executive of the Year

Tony Adolfs
Tony Adolfs, executive director of SMACNA Greater Chicago chapter received the Petersen-Dunn Award ...

The Petersen-Dunn Executive of the Year Award is the top award given to a SMACNA chapter executive.

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association (SMACNA) held its 72nd Annual Convention in Colorado Springs on Sept. 29. Tony Adolfs, executive vice president of SMACNA Greater Chicago, was surprised to hear his name called as the recipient of the Petersen-Dunn Chapter Executive of the Year Award.

Each year, SMACNA evaluates chapter executives who unceasingly strive to make a difference, and as many as 80 capable executives are up for the award each year. Vincent R. Sandusky, CEO of SMACNA, said: “SMACNA reserves this award for the executive who has had the greatest positive impact on the industry, the SMACNA members’ business environment and the capabilities of their SMACNA chapter.”

Adolfs, continuously strong in areas such as collective bargaining and legislative issues, has an unrivaled passion for what he does. SMACNA thinks of Adolfs as “the epitome of a well-rounded exec” who is there when they need him. His overall commitment to SMACNA and to improving processes make Adolfs stand out.

Joining this industry by chance, Adolfs has invested over 24 years to his sheet metal career, yet his involvement is stronger than ever. In 2014, he spearheaded the formation of his new local SMACNA chapter by merging the Northern Illinois and Chicago chapters into one. This has allowed for additional resources, open networking between contractors signatory to Local 265 and Local 73, and better overall communication. Sandusky said.

“While there are many factors that led to Tony receiving the Executive of the Year Award, it was the seamless merging of two major chapters into one that really caught our attention. Tony saw the need and the opportunity. He worked with the leadership of both organizations to communicate the benefits of the merger and then shepherded its execution. While operating efficiencies were clearly achieved, the greater benefits accrued to the SMACNA contractors and union sheet metal industry. The SMACNA organization is now better able to promote the industry, engage in effective advocacy activities, deliver superior professional educational programming and help create work opportunities for SMACNA contractors and their employees across the entire Chicagoland area.”

This is not Adolfs’ first recognition within the organization; in 2003, he received the SMACNA Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year Award. He attributes his success to a culmination of all of his work over the years.


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