Safety Stand Down May 7 to 11: CAGC hopes to break participation records

Safety Stand Down
At a 2016 Safety Stand Down gathering

The annual Safety Stand Down is approaching.

“Last year, 7,000 construction industry personnel participated across 400 jobsite, and we look forward to breaking that record during our first year as the merged Chicagoland Associated General Contractors (CAGC),” the association reports.

The Safety Stand down from May 7 to 11 allows participants to demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Each year the CAGC, in conjunction with the Safety Committee, creates and provides participating companies with an easy-to-implement curriculum covering the year’s safety topic, and member companies cease work for approximately 30 minutes to give a training on that topic. This year’s topic is worker self-empowerment regarding safety.

You can register your commitment here.


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