Pepsico starts work on $16.2 million Old Post Office renovation for relocated corporate offices

pepsico rendering

Pepsico Global Real Estate, getting to work on a major $16.2 million renovation to office space at the Old Post Office site at 433 W. Van Buren St.

The work will reportedly facilitate the relocation of 1,300 employees from a 17-story building to a single floor, occupying 192,000 sq. ft. The work should be completed by this winter.

The company’s Chicago office houses its Gatorade, quaker and Tropicana brands, and its North America Central Division. Its current offices at 555 W. Monroe St. occupy 412,000 sq. ft. — but according to a published report in the Chicago Tribune (before the COVID-19 crisis which may dictate serious social distancing requirements), everyone at the new office would fit on the single floor because of the efficiencies of the new space, with an open layout.

“We’re flattening out, which we think will make us more collaborative and innovative,” PepsiCo spokeswoman Nora Quartaro said in November, 2019. “The fact that we can modernize and revolutionize such an iconic building is exciting for us.”

A city building permit says the interior tenant alterations will be to “an existing Level 3 and Level 3E office space,” and will include “new partitions, ceilings, finishes, furniture, lighting, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural work.”

The permit says “structural work includes new stairwells from Level 3 to Level 3E, new stairwell and ramp from 3 to Lightwell.”

Skender Construction LLC is the general contractor. Key subs include: ElectricalRex Elect. and Technologies LLC, masonryAll Masonry Const. Co. Inc.; plumber/plumbingD.W. Mechanical Group, Inc.; and refrigeration and ventilation – Advance Mechanical.


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