Onni Group secures financing for Halsted Pointe


Judy Lamelza

Special to Chicago Construction News

Halsted Pointe, a mixed-use development spearheaded by Onni Group, is gearing up to reshape the southern tip of Goose Island in Chicago. With $50 million in construction financing secured and demolition work completed, the first phase of the project is set to begin, marking a significant change in the area’s urban landscape. The 46-story tower, designed by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, promises to bring a modern architectural touch to the neighborhood, replacing the former Greyhound Bus facility at 901 N. Halsted.

Onni Group’s securing of a substantial loan from Otera Capital paves the way for the construction of a 46-story building that will feature residential units, commercial spaces, and a host of amenities, contributing to Goose Island’s transformation.

Urbanize Chicago reports that the Halsted Pointe project is planned in four phases, with the potential to deliver up to 2,650 residential units, retail space, a hotel, and significant parking spaces. This comprehensive approach highlights the developer’s commitment to creating a vibrant, mixed-use community.

The design of the tower has evolved from its original concept, now featuring rectilinear corners and an angular expression as the tower rises. This change enhances the building’s visual appeal and aligns with contemporary architectural trends.

The sloped site presents unique design challenges and opportunities. The development cleverly utilizes multi-level access to accommodate retail parking and mechanical spaces on the lowest level, with commercial and residential spaces above.

The project’s podium will house a range of amenities, including:

  • Spa/wellness space
  • Fitness center
  • Game room
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor deck with a pool
  • 200 vehicle parking garage

According to a DataBid blog, the completion of Phase 1 will set the stage for subsequent towers that will follow in a clockwise direction around the site. On the northeastern corner of the site, Phase 2 will include a 30-story and a 45-story tower with 1,150 apartments, commercial space and 500 parking spaces.

At the southeastern corner of the site, Phase 3 will include a 65-story mixed-use tower. Rising 691 feet, the tower will have 1,015 units with 18,000 sq. ft. of retail and 600 parking spaces. This phase will also deliver over 100,000 sq. ft. of outdoor green space with a new riverwalk and market plaza. The final phase will sit on the southwest corner of the site, delivering a 28-story hotel standing 313 feet.

DataBid is currently reporting on this project – Former Greyhound Bus Maintenance Facility Redevelopment Goose Island – Chicago  (0039020119)


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