Niche 905: $45 million building permit for 18-story building

niche fitzgerald rendering

Chicago issued the largest building permit for the last week of December 2015 for a project at 905 N. Orleans, for $45 million.

The permit for Niche 905, designed by FitzGerald Associates with Boston’s Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. covers “levels 5 to 18 of an 18 story building with 208 residential units, private parking garage for 149 cars, leasing and retail on first floor and amenities, green roof, pool,” according to the permit documents.

Earlier a $12.5 million permit was issued to cover the caisson foundation and construction of levels 1-4 of the garage superstructure.

Power Construction Co. is the general contractor, while Gurtz Electric Co. is the electrical contractor. James P. O’Sullivan  is listed as the plumbing contractor. Mechanical and ventilation will be handled by Advance Mechanical based in Arlington Heights.



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