Newly Weds Foods rebuilds warehouse and production area after massive 2019 fire: Permit set at $35 million

newly weds foods

Privately-owned Newly Weds Foods is working on a rebuilding of its warehouse and production area at 2501 N. Keeler Ave., following a massive fire last year.

The $35 million permit issued on Nov. 10 covers “248,883 sq. ft. of warehouse and production area,” the permit says. “Scope of work will include architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection.” The foundation, superstructure and sitework have been approved under separate permits, the city permit says.

The project’s general contractor is Epstein Construction Inc.  Subtrades include: Electrical – Gurtz Electric Company; plumber/plumbing – Adamson Plumbing Contractor; masonry – J & E Duff Inc.; and refrigeration and ventilation – F.E. Moran, Inc.


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