M.A. Mortenson building 206-room hotel at 110 W. Huron (at Clark)

110 w huron project
Rendering of the hotel project as it went through development permit approvals (from Chicago DPD)

Contractor M. A. Mortenson Company is starting work on what will be a 206-room hotel at 110 W. Huron (at Clark).

The permit lists the owner as 110 W Huron Property LLC, but Curbed Chicago says NORR Architects has designed the 180-ft. structure for Chicago developer Akara Partners.

The $10 million foundation-only permit references a “185 key” hotel, but NORR architect Wil Bruchmann told Curbed Chicago that the 185 room count cited on the permit is a carryover from the original permit application, and the final room count will indeed be 206.

110 W huron current image
The parking lot at the current site at 110 W. Huron (Google Maps Streetview)

The final number will be 206 guest rooms. The development team aims to correct this figure with the city prior to the issuance of 110 W. Huron’s full build-out permit.

Key subtrades include: Electrical – Titan Electric LLC; masonryPepper Construction Co.; and plumber/plumbingJames P. O’Sullivan.


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