Lincolnway Crossing proposes residential-commercial development for Oswego

oswego high school area

Lincolnway Crossing, LLC will present a preliminary plan before the Oswego Plan Commission on Nov. 6 for a 534.6-acre residential-commercial development on farmland south of Oswego East High School, says Dave Oster, a representative of the development partnership. The site is located at the southwest corner of U.S. Route 30 and Wolf’s Crossing Road in Kendall and Will Counties.

“The Hudson Pointe project will result in approximately 34 acres of new commercial development, along with 1,400 to 1,600 housing units. This will undoubtedly be one of the largest projects to occur in Northeastern Illinois since the recession,” said Oswego Village administrator Steve Jones, reports

According to one of the two concept plans submitted in early August, the firm has proposed to build 550 single-family units and 63 custom-built houses in “clusters of neighborhood”, as well as about 150 townhomes, 312 apartments and 304 ranch villas. Plans also include 34.42 acres of commercial development along U.S. Route 30 as well as park and combined school-park on a vast 330.63 acres of land. The plan also details another 94.06 acres of “common area” development including storm-water management, land buffers and entry features.

Lincolnway has already submitted an annexation and rezoning application for the project.

“Oswego’s growth never stopped during the recession, it just slowed down,” said Jones. “It is not surprising that our quality of life, physical location, great schools and housing values continue to attract new residents.”


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