ICI GreenRise awards $600,000 solar panel contract

ICA Greenrise

ICA GreenRise, the landmark building on Sheridan Rd Rd., Chicago has awarded a $600,000 contract to install solar panels on its roof to Chicago-based Hardt Electric. Under its “Sustainable September” initiative, the project will make use of nearly 500 solar panels which will be installed on 35,000 sq. ft. of roof space.

The new installation will be showcased on the buildings Sept. 24 ceremony this year.

This move has been taken to reduce the building’s dependency on conventionally supplied electricity by23 per cent for yearly savings of more than $16,000, Institute of Cultural Affairs CEO Terry Bergdall was quoted saying in Dnainfo.com.

Terry said ICA sought “social investors who see the importance of enabling early adapters [of solar energy],” which netted about $250,000 of the $600,000 needed while the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation provided matching funds and a grant to cover the rest.

The building is owned by ICA and houses some non-profit organizations.


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