LG Development wins 7-story Wicker Park building contract

1237-53 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago-based real estate firm LG Development Group has won the contract to build a seven-story 58-unit glass-and-metal apartment at 1237-53 N. Milwaukee Ave.

LG Development’s design offers a new, updated look to an outdated office building which helped them to close the deal. Wicker Park group’s preservation and development subcommittee has been working with LG since last year “to get a good face on the Bank of America space” as the corner is the gateway to Wicker Park and faces the Polish Triangle, Ed Tamminga, chairman of Wicker park P&D was quoted saying in Oururbantimes.com. “They have been able to put a skin around it and incorporate it into the total design,” he added.

Designed by LG’s in-house architect Gabriel Leahu, the proposed building would offer 58 apartments (primarily one-bedroom units with studios and two-bedrooms), no parking and about 10,000 square feet for ground-floor retail which can house up to four businesses apart from the bank. The building height will be about 77-feet 11-inches.

Perforated steel panels in front of the balconies will be applied so that items on the balconies will not be visible from the street. The building will have two parking spaces per unit as well as two truck loading areas accessible from the back alley. LG plans to work with the city to make it an Energy Star green building.

Architect Jonathan Splitt will serve as “architect of record” for the project, reports Dnainfo.com.


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