GEMS World Academy takes shape on Wacker Dr. with live video


You can get a live view of construction progress for the GEMS World Academy at 355 E. Wacker, as the project takes shape on a narrow lot next to the massive Vista Tower. The construction webcam operates 24-7 and at present shows site work at the foundation level.

Recently, general contractor Power Construction Company LLC was issued a $7,490,500 building permit to start work on the 13-story superstructure for the Grade 8 – 13 school. A foundation/caisson permit was issued earlier.

gems rooftop
From bKL Architecture

bKL Architecture has provided renderings showing how the project will look when it is completed. The building, set back from Wacker, will include a landscaped rooftop area with views of the Navy Pier and the Chicago River.

Work is expected to be completed by the winter of 2019.


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