Building permit question: What is a “prefabricated communicating stair”?

203 N Lasalle Stats

Sports information/data company Stats, Inc., has been issued a $10 million building permit for interior renovations to its new central Chicago offices at 203 N. La Salle N.  The project, representing the implementation of the business’s relocation from Northbrook, might represent a fairly standard office refitting of the building’s 22nd and 23rd floors, if not for a mysterious reference to the work including a “prefabricated communicating stair”.

We’ve asked for a clarification. Certainly, the only references within millions of potential Google keyword searches for this word string take us to copies of data from the permit issued on May 4.

Chicago Real Estate Daily reported in Sept. 2015 that the company was negotiating a lease for 70,000 sq. ft. in the 27-story office tower.

“We are experiencing an exciting time at Stats as our company is rapidly evolving through organic growth and acquisitions, such as UK-based Prozone,” CEO Gary Walrath said in a statement then. “As a result we have outgrown our physical office space in Northbrook. We are in the process of exploring different options, and look forward to moving our global headquarters downtown in 2016.”

The building permit says the general contractor is Leopardo Companies Inc., Hoffman Estates. Other key contractors include: Electrical, Titan Electric LLC, Istaca; plumbing, Great Lakes Plumbing, Chicago; ventilation, F.E. Moran, Northbrook; and masonry, Premium Concrete, Inc., Schaumburg.


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