Block 37 to get AMC dine-in movie theater

AMC Cinema suites

A new dine-in 11-screen movie theater is coming to the Block 37 shopping mall at 108 N. State St. AMC Theaters with LA-based CIM group, the investment firm building a 34-story apartment tower above the mall, jointly announced the lease signed on Oct. 6, reports

The 44,000 sq. ft. theatre complex will be on the fourth floor of the 37–story mall.

The new movie theater is first in the city to offer AMC’s “Cinema Suites experience” ― featuring power recliners with built-in tables fitted with buttons to summon servers for in-theater dining and cocktails exclusively for adults. The theater lobby will feature MacGuffin’s Bar and Lounge.

The theater is scheduled to  open in early 2016, marking the end of the search for a tenant for the mall’s upper floors. Other retailers have welcomed the news.

Describing it as “an important piece of the puzzle,” Stone Real Estate vice-president John Vance said: “You have these necessary components on the upper floors of the mall to drive people upstairs and into the center of the mall.”

Talks to bring AMC into the mall began roughly two years ago.


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