Chicago bids closing for 41st St. pedestrian bridge project

41st st. pedestrian bridge

Bids close today (June 7)  for contractors seeking to construct the new 41st st. pedestrian bridge over Lake Shore Blvd., reports.

The leads service says the project has an estimated value of between $10 and $25 million. says:

The bridge, a companion to the pedestrian bridge being rebuilt for $22 million at 43rd Street, will give residents “a lot more access to Chicago’s beautiful lakefront,” according to the city. The project is part of a major revamp of five pedestrian bridges on the South Side.

The 41st Street bridge will have a park at its base, according to the city, and ramps for bicyclists, people who use wheel chairs and emergency vehicles. Construction is expected to take 1½ years and will begin in the fall.


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