Apartment building proposed for Schaumburg’s Algonquin Road

shaumburg algonquin road

Chicago-based UrbanStreet Group, LLC has submitted a proposal to build a 192-unit apartment building on a vacant 6.5-acre site at 680 E. Algonquin Rd. in Schaumburg.

There had been concern the site had historical significance with an American Indian mound.

“We did review it,” said Chris Wills, spokesman for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. “It turned out not to be any sort of Indian mound but a mound of construction debris, and the project there is cleared to go forward,” Dailyherald.com reports.

UrbanStreet Group has requested a zoning change to allow the construction of six buildings, all rental units. The firm has also included 159 garage spaces in the project but was asked to add 50 more by Schaumburg zoning board.

The developer will present a revised plan on Dec. 10.


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