Amtrak plans major makeover for Chicago’s Union Station

union station chicago

The public hasn’t seen them for decades, but Chicago’s Union Station has large rooms with 33-foot-high ceilings that were once filled with restaurants, a dance hall and tailor shops.

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The Chicago Tribune reports that Amtrak wants to open those thousands of square feet and is soliciting proposals from investors and businesses to bid on them for retail rental. A spokesman with railroad company that owns the 90-year-old building says the goal is to transform it into a traveler and visitor’s venue that exceeds the retail and food offerings at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Some improvements to Chicago’s Union Station already have been made, and a $14.5 million bus transit center is scheduled to open next year.

Amtrak officials say the company also is spending $12.2 million on station restoration. 

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