$575 million Wrigley Field renovation starts today

A rendering from the Chicago Cubs showing a proposed view of Wrigley Field's back. (source Chicago Cubs)

The huge $575 million renovation project of Wrigley Field is set to begin today (Sept. 27).

“Construction will begin in earnest on Monday with the demolition of the left- and right-field bleachers,” Julian Green, a spokesman for the Cubs’ construction team, was quoted saying in Dnainfo.com. “In addition, we will begin a large excavation of the red and purple lots along Clark St.”

“Our plan is to have the bleacher expansion (completed) by Opening Day 2015,” said Green. “That would include the installation of seven new outfield signs, including the left-field video board, as well as a smaller video board in right field.”

In addition, construction crews are set to work on the foundation of a 30,000 sq. ft. underground clubhouse beneath the outdoor plaza, scheduled to open in 2016, and will work underground near the red and purple parking lots next to the field at Clark and Waveland throughout the winter.

Parts of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues beside Wrigley Field will be closed to the public beginning this Friday and will open in March 2015. Green said the Cubs are working with the city to create a traffic plan for residents who live on streets that intersect Waveland and Sheffield.

The Cubs won the Commission of Chicago Landmarks’ approval in July for the project.


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