396 unit tower proposed for Clybourn Corridor


By Judy Lamelza
Special to Chicago Construction News

In a significant move for commercial construction and urban development, The Georgetown Company, a New York-based developer, is proposing a 396-unit residential tower near North and Clybourn avenues in Chicago. This project, poised to redefine the skyline, will blend modern living and retail spaces, signaling a major transformation in the Clybourn Corridor, an area rich with potential for commercial construction professionals.

The development marks a pivotal shift in urban landscape and construction techniques, embracing high-rise development that requires advanced engineering and innovative construction methodologies. The plan to replace the former Bank of America building, while retaining an adjacent 46,000 sq. ft. two-story retail building and a four-story parking garage with 158 spaces, presents unique challenges and opportunities.

From a construction perspective, this project includes several intricate elements:

Structural engineering: The design and construction of a 37-story tower demand advanced structural engineering, focusing on the strength, stability, and durability of the building.

High-rise construction techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge construction techniques suitable for high-rise buildings, such as slipforming and top-down construction methods, will be crucial.

Sustainable building practices: Emphasizing sustainable and eco-friendly building practices aligns with contemporary construction trends, potentially involving green roofs, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable materials.

The project depends on community support and City Council approval, underscoring the importance of stakeholder engagement in large construction projects. Such engagements often bring to light considerations such as traffic management, noise control, and minimization of disruption, which are critical in urban construction settings.

It is not clear how soon Georgetown wants to start this project, if approved, or how much it would cost.


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