2024 could be ‘largest single year of construction’ in Rockford


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The City of Rockford’s finance committee has passed the FY 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with significant funding for infrastructure improvements. If approved by council, it will be the largest capital plan in the city’s history with $322 million of secured local and leveraged outside agency funds.

The plan also proposes implementation of the largest single year of construction to date in 2024.

“Actual construction of these long-awaited projects next year will make an immediate impact to our aging roadway, bridge, sidewalk, stormwater, and water facilities,” the committee chair said in a statement. “Implementing these projects will retain and bring many jobs to the area to help make this community build back infrastructure that transforms and grows a city, as well as assures safer travelled ways and reliable drinking water.”

Projects in the five-year plan include:

  • Neighborhood Program proposes a new, additional Pavement Preservation Program, which addresses roadways before they fail and elongates their useful life. This investment utilizes only 10% of the program funds and can address almost 50% more roads.
  • Capital Roadway Improvement Program will be reconstructing two large corridors: Madison Street (FY2023 encumbrance) and Whitman Street while prepping for 11″ Street and Alpine Road projects following close behind.
  • Highway Structure and Bridge Repair and Replacement Program includes the replacement of multiple structures over the next five years, as well as major repairs to many others based on the recommendations of the biennial bridge inspection report.
  • Stormwater and Drainage Program will finish the Alpine Dam Phase II project, while focusing on  reviewing  and  updating  the  Stormwater Ordinance, as  well as the Stormwater Master Plan.
  • Maintenance Program is bigger than ever, as the CIP continues to focus on simply maintaining existing infrastructure. More than ever before, the City will be using a data driven approach to implement multiple different low-cost preventative treatment options for pavements as an alternative to the expensive resurfacing option which will optimize the roadway network’s overall pavement condition score.
  • Sidewalks and Active Transportation Program will once again get a boost from the Workforce Development Program which provides quality sidewalk improvements while introducing young adults to the trade, as well as engineer for the federal funds received for the Highcrest Multi-Use Path and the Rockford Riverfront Path.
  • Traffic Program continues to implement blocks of streetscape from the Downtown Strategic Action Plan. The blocks in front of BMO Harris Bank Center and Coronado Theatre are planned for 2024.
  • Community Enhancement and Economic Development Program plans for construction of the $22 million complete streets revitalization project along Chestnut Street, Walnut Street, and 1st Avenue for a separated bicycle facility and streetscape in 2025, as well as multiple other projects strategically selected to help enhance the community and support economic development.
  • Water Production Capital Improvement Program includes the construction of treatment plants, treatment addition to existing facilities, reservoir and tower maintenance, building maintenance, and filter vessel maintenance.

Highlights for 2024 include:Highlights for 2024 include:

Highlights for 2024 include:

  • Approximately 100 blocks of neighborhood street resurfacing and an additional 80 blocks of preservation
  • Approximately three miles of sidewalks
  • Whitman street improvements
  • Winnebago/Court/Mulberry streets resurfacing
  • Lee Street reconstruction
  • Keith Creek hazard mitigation

2024 projects already awarded:

  • Madison Street improvements
  • Alpine Dam Phase 2
  • Parkview Sidewalk
  • Mason Avenue reconstruction
  • East State Street widening


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