WoodWorks, Chicago carpenters council to offer mass timber installer training


WoodWorks has partnered with the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Apprentice and Training Program to provide mass timber installer training to construction professionals in the Greater Chicago area.

The program will help ensure the availability of experienced construction professionals to meet increasing demand for buildings made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass timber products, according to WoodWorks.

Beginning in April 2019, installer training workshops will be offered through the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters’ Apprentice and Training Program Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Workshops will include 56 hours of training, initially focused on CLT, and will be available to apprentice and journeymen carpenters affiliated with union contractors.

WoodWorks will also oversee a networking website as part of its Professional Affiliate Program, which will connect individuals who have undergone training with those putting together project teams.

“Our role is to provide education and free project support related to commercial and multi-family wood buildings,” WoodWorks president and CEO Jennifer Cover said in a statement. “We work with people designing wood buildings every day — so facilitating mass timber training and connecting trained individuals with developers and design teams is a natural step.”


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