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PlanHub and DataBid announce national strategic partnership


PlanHub and DataBid are pleased to announce they have entered into a national partnership, combining aspects of PlanHub’s highly-rated construction bidding software and online plan room solution with features of Databid’s construction lead software company.

“The DataBid team is incredibly excited to have PlanHub as a partner in the Chicagoland area,” said Jim Lamelza, founder and CEO of DataBid.

“PlanHub’s bid management software offers an easy-to-use platform that gives our customers the ability to post projects and send bid invites. It’s the perfect match to the DataBid lead service for any construction firm looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.”

As technology continues to move at a fast pace in business, software companies recognize the need to provide added features to increase retention and customer loyalty against the competition.

The PlanHub-Databid business partnership will provide shared data between both private and public construction projects with their individual user bases. Public projects that are on DataBid will be available to PlanHub users to bid on, and private projects that are on PlanHub will be available to DataBid users to bid on.

“DataBid is the leader in pre-construction project information for the state of Illinois, which boasts some of the fastest construction growth in the U.S.,” said Kyle Conlan, VP and co-founder of PlanHub. “The partnership we have created with them has helped boost the presence of PlanHub in the Chicagoland area that we did not previously have.”

He called the partnership a huge win for both companies.

“There is a huge need for a construction ITB management software like PlanHub, and no other company has a better reputation in Illinois than DataBid for construction project information,” Conlan said.

PlanHub is a top-rated cloud-based construction plan room and bidding software, built for tradesmen. It is designed around the user workflow to help boost productivity, maintain deadlines, increase revenue and build relationships for both general contractors and subcontractors.


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