Plan Commission approves SRO development at Belray Apartments site

Belray rendering

The Chicago Plan Commission has approved an SRO (single room occupancy) affordable housing development at 3150 N. Racine Ave., Urbanize Chicago reports.

Mercy Housing is leading the development designed by Landon Bone Baker Architects.

The project at the corner of N. Racine Ave and W. Belmont Ave, will incorporate the existing Belray Apartments and replace an adjacent surface parking lot.

The project includes increasing the Belray Apartments unit count to 86 from 70 through a renovation and addition. There will be 81 SRO units and five one-bedroom units.

The proposed redevelopment includes storefront space on W. Belmont Ave. “while ground floor space in the existing building that used to hold units will now be home to new community and amenity spaces,” the published report says.

The developers have not announced a construction timeline. They will need approval from the Committee on Zoning and City Council to rezone the site from M1-2 to B2-3.


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