PBC approves 21 firms for Job Order Contracting services

pbc joc story

Chicago’s Public Building Commission (PBC) says has recently approved 21 firms to provide Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services.

This action expands PBC’s JOC Services Database from three firms, and the establishment of a three-tiered approach affords opportunities to a much wider group of contractors, the PBC says.

“As a public developer, we have a responsibility to increase capacity and provide opportunities to growing firms,” PBC executive director Carina E. Sánchez was quoted as saying in the commission’s newsletter, Constructive News. “We have been successful with this effort. Of the firms that were recommended, nine are minority or women business enterprises, and several will be doing business for the first time with the PBC.”

PBC says it uses the JOC methodology to execute a wide variety of projects at a fixed price for simultaneous orders for renovations, rehabilitations and repair work for large facilities and infrastructures.

The PBC’s three-tier approach establishes project value limits to include firms of all sizes and affords minority, small and women business enterprises increased opportunities on PBC projects.

Late last year, the PBC hosted a JOC Networking Session and Pre-Submittal Conference to provide an overview of the JOC Program and a forum to introduce the prequalified general contractors to the subcontractor and supplier community.

“We want the talent pool for the actual design and construction of PBC projects to reflect the diversity in the contracting and professional service industries; therefore, the PBC will continue to identify opportunities for all businesses to grow and expand,” Sánchez said.

Sánchez said each of the approved firms demonstrated recent and relevant construction and/or renovation experience, technical competence, successfully executed projects with aggressive schedules and a commitment to maximizing the participation of minority and women business enterprises.

Tier 1 — projects less than or equal to $300,000

  • ALFA Chicago Inc. (MBE)
  • ALL Chicago Inc. (MBE)
  • Anchor Mechanical, Inc.
  • Apex Construction Group
  • Davila-OVC JV (MBE/WBE)
  • Impact Construction Services Division 1 (MBE)
  • Montel Technologies (MBE)
  • Tiles In Style

Tier 2 – projects between $300,000 and $1 million

  • BOWA Construction (MBE)
  • CCC Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Chicago Commercial Construction
  • Cardos Development & Associates
  • Master Design Build & Ground Crew JV LP (MBE)
  • Robe, Inc.
  • Structures Construction LLC

Tier 3 – projects greater than $1 million

  • The George Sollitt Construction Company
  • K.R. Miller Contractors
  • McDonagh Demolition
  • Old Veteran Construction
  • Paschen Ashlaur Joint Venture II (MBE – Ashlaur)
  • Tyler Lane Construction
  • UJAMAA Construction (MBE)


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