Landmarks Illinois awards grant funding to preservation projects in Chicago, Effingham and Springfield

First Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
First Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (Landmarks Illinois)

Landmarks Illinois says it has awarded $16,500 in matching grant funds to four preservation projects across the state through its Preservation Heritage Fund and Timuel D. Black Jr. Grant Fund for Chicago’s South Side grant programs. The grant recipients are located in Chicago, Effingham and Springfield.

Preservation Heritage Fund grant recipients

A total of $14,000 has been awarded to three preservation projects through the Preservation Heritage Fund Grant Program:

  • First Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chicago: $5,000 to install a new boiler at the 1888 church on Chicago’s Near West Side.
  • Effingham County Cultural Center and Museum, Effingham: $4,000 to paint the exterior of the former Effingham County Courthouse, an 1872 structure used today to exhibit local historic artifacts.
  • Preservation, Inc., Springfield: $5,000 to help stabilize the Ursula Hall Music Conservancy, a 1908 building the nonprofit plans to rehabilitate into a community center.

The Preservation Heritage Fund Grant Program provides funding to organizations in Illinois leading historic preservation projects at significant structures that are under threat of demolition, require stabilization and/or reuse or structural evaluation or those that need to be evaluated for landmark eligibility.

Grant applications for this grant fund are accepted four times a year, and the next application deadline is April 15,

Timuel D. Black, Jr. Grant Fund for Chicago’s South Side recipient

One grant was awarded through the Landmarks Illinois Timuel D. Black, Jr. Grant Fund for Chicago’s South Side:

  • Pullman Civic Organization, Chicago: $2,500 to aid in documenting historic residential building façades in the northern portions of the Pullman Historic District.

The Timuel D. Black, Jr. Grant Fund for Chicago’s South Side provides small planning and capital grants to support organizations and people working to preserve the history, culture and architecture of Chicago’s South Side, where the late Mr. Black, acclaimed civil rights leader, spent the majority of his life living and promoting African American history.


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