Governor vetoes bill to allow nuclear plant construction a ‘short-sighted mistake’: Rezin


Chicago Construction News staff writer.

Gov. JB Pritzker’s decision to veto Senate Bill 76 is a short-sighted mistake, says Sen. Sue Rezin. “I have immediately filed paperwork to override this veto during our upcoming Veto Session this fall,” she said in a statement.

The Bill, vetoed by Pritzker last week, passed the General Assembly earlier this year and would have ended a moratorium on construction of new nuclear reactors.

“The governor is clearly putting his own partisan political ambitions over what is in the best interest of the people of Illinois by his sole decision to veto bi-partisan legislation to improve Illinois’ future energy portfolio sustainably and cost-effectively,” Rezin said.

In place since the 1980s, the moratorium was enacted because of concerns about the disposal of nuclear waste.

“The bill is vetoed because the vague definitions in the bill, including the overly broad definition of advanced reactors, will open the door to the proliferation of large-scale nuclear reactors that are so costly to build that they will cause exorbitant ratepayer-funded bailouts,” Pritzker said in a statement.

The governor criticized the bill for failing to consider potential health risks for employees and residents living near new plants.

Instead, he supports small modular reactors with construction and planning in coordination with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“Creating a sustainable energy future for our children and our children’s children is not a zero-sum game,” Rezin said. “We must take advantage of the massive advancements in nuclear technology if we truly want to reach a carbon-free future.

“Advanced nuclear reactors would help supplement the flaws that wind and soar unfortunately have by providing reliable power 24/7.”


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