FAA awards $38.8 million in infrastructure grants to Illinois airports

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is awarding $38.8 million in airport infrastructure grants to the Illinois airports.

The following airports will receive grants:

– $2.22 million to Scott AFB/MidAmerica to expand a terminal building.

– $13.48 million to Chicago O’Hare to build a taxiway.

– $4.46 million to General Downing-Peoria International to rehabilitate a terminal building, strengthen an apron, and buy snow removal equipment.

– $1.03 million to Quincy Regional-Baldwin Field to rebuild a runway and buy an Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle.

– $1.30 million to University of Illinois-Willard to rehabilitate taxiway lighting.

– $15.79 million to Illinois State Block Grant Program for development projects in state block grant program.

– $500,000 to Illinois State Block Grant Program for development of projects in the state block grant program.

The FAA will award grants to 354 airports in 44 states and two territories Micronesia and Puerto Rico. Selected projects include runway reconstruction and rehabilitation, construction of firefighting facilities, and the maintenance of taxiways, aprons, and terminals.


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