Constructing Opportunity to hold professional development forum for women in the industry

Michaelann Agoranos
Michaelann Agoranos, Constructing Opportunity principal

To strengthen career plans and to provide networking opportunities with other female members of the construction industry, Constructing Opportunity LLC will hold a professional development forum for women on Jan. 24, 2018 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the NIU Conference Center, Naperville.

General sessions topics will include: Navigating Your Environment, Gender and Generations in the Workforce, and The Power of Your Personal Brand.

Meanwhile, workshops will focus on the following: Negotiating for Yourself, Building Your Professional Board of Directors, Ensuring You are the Best Candidate for the Job, Communicating with Influence, and Company Culture and You. To allow for networking, breaks in between sessions and workshops will be provided.

Female industry leaders speaking at the event are: Ozinga talent developer Jennifer Caceres; Kean Communication owner and certified professional coach Maureen Keane; Laurie and Brennan attorney Kendall Woods; Alchemy principal and brand strategist Claudia Montgomery; and Alchemy principal and visual brand consultant Margo Dahmani.

Peggy Newquist
Peggy Newquist, Constructing Opportunity principal

Constructing Opportunity principals Michaelann Agoranos and Peggy Newquist will also serve as speakers. They will be joined by two male leaders from Michael Page, senior manager Alex Wescott and procurement and supply director Dan Plourde.

“We believe by educating the industry, we can help shape the next generation of women leaders,” Agoranos stated on Nov. 27. “As a woman, with over 25 years of construction experience, I recognize the benefit of women supporting other women… especially in a male dominated field like construction; we all have to lift as we climb.”

Registration for the event is ongoing. The cost is $375 in advance and $400 the day of the event.


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