Chicago City Council sets out EV charging infrastrure requirements for new buildings

Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil.
Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil. The Spertus Institute building in downtown Chicago uses glass with a frit pattern that makes it a bird-friendly design. The structure was designed by Krueck + Sexton Architects.

Chicago City Council has adopted rules that will require electric vehicle charging infrastructure in new construction building’s parking areas and that update bird-friendly building design policy, Chicago Cityscape reports. As well, an ordinance was proposed that would strengthen the review process for certain polluting uses.

City Council had a virtual meeting on April 24. Councillors passed ordinances originally scheduled to be approved in March, but were delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the new rules, EV charging capacities will ber required for newly built multi-family buildings with more than five or more dwelling units, with on site parking.  One in five of the spaces must be “EVSE-Ready or EVSE-Installed”. For non-residential buildings, the 20 percent rule applies for buildings with 30 or more parking spaces (regardless if parking is on site.)

Meanwhile, the Chicago Sustainable Development Policy will be updated later this year to place higher weight on bird-friendly building design strategies.

There also is a proposed change that businesses needing special use and air pollution permits in Planned Manufacturing Districts would have to go through an intensified review process.


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