$52.8 million grant will boost Bloomington infrastructure projects


Chicago Construction News staff writer

A $52.8 million federal grant has been awarded to revamp Illinois 9 in Bloomington.

Funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program will pay for extensive improvements over a six-mile corridor of Illinois 9. The project includes:

  • Road Resurfacing: A crucial aspect, ensuring smoother, more durable surfaces, crucial for heavy commercial use.
  • Sidewalk and Curb Upgrades: Focusing on enhanced pedestrian access, ADA compliance, and ensuring safety for workers and residents alike.
  • Drainage and Signal Upgrades: Key for mitigating flooding, a common concern in construction, and improving traffic signal systems for efficient transit.
  • Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Paths: A nod to sustainable development, these features are essential for modern urban planning and offer additional contracting opportunities.

The goal is to enhance safety, reduce rural road fatalities and ensure safer working conditions for crews.

The project is structured in phases, with the first of five contracts expected to be awarded in the spring. This phased approach ensures precision in planning and execution, essential for large-scale construction projects.


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