Steel Industry calls on president to embrace strong “Buy America” requirements for infrastructure investment

steel construction

The Chicago-based American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) and nine other industry organizations have expressed their collective support of President Trump addressing America’s growing infrastructure crisis and his efforts to maximize the economic impact of infrastructure investment through strong Buy America policies.

Specifically, a Jan. 22 letter encourages the president to put “strong Buy America policies in place to ensure that any increased demand for construction inputs benefits American manufacturers and their workers – rather than those in countries like China that seek to avail themselves of U.S. taxpayer dollars through anticompetitive practices, such as unlawfully dumping and subsidizing their exports.”

“The federal government should continue to have a robust role in funding infrastructure projects and any new initiatives seeking to shift the funding burden to the states or leverage private dollars should be matched with policies that put American manufacturers and their workers first,” the associations say in their joint letter.


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