Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. creates products that shine in the construction industry

reliable diamond tool

By Kristen Frisa
Chicago Construction News special feature

Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. is different from other companies. That’s because company CEO Jonathan Thompson is involved with the creation of its precision diamond tools for the construction industry, from conception to distribution.

Thompson started in the industry when he was 18 years old, in the field using machines and tools that were available at the time. He saw challenges on the job that were going unmet, and the creative process of inventing and producing specialty tools began.

Having a knack for building and a mind for innovation, Thompson created tools that would really do the job. Thirty-nine years and 14 patents later, Thompson knows he makes a difference in the construction industry. “Our strength is product differentiation due to the availability of our unique product offerings,” says Thompson.

reliable diamond tool

But Thompson’s hands-on approach didn’t stop when he started building tools. He still goes out into the field to discover exactly what challenges workers are facing. “I don’t look at what other people do and then mimic what they do,” he says. “I go into the field and then design products in order to meet an end user’s specific needs.”

“It’s from that kind of a background that I’m able to see things from a different point of view,” Thompson says. “I’ve been in the same field of endeavor all my life. I’m a hands-on user of these kinds of tools.”

With that up-close perspective, Thompson went about creating tools that were different from the ones he’d seen before. It’s the unique nature of the tools that sets Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. (ReDiToo) apart.

Thompson isn’t about to embark on a race to the bottom, providing the cheapest tools that don’t work, or break on first use. Instead, he creates tools that will save money in the long run, on the job site. In this way ReDiTooß sees around corners, working toward the next need for the construction industry in stone, masonry, tile, concrete, and terrazzo, and developing tools that solve problems.

reliable diamond tool

“We will choose one or more attributes that many of our buyers perceive as important, and uniquely position ourselves to meet those needs,” Thompson wrote on the company’s website. “We believe that attention to our customers’ changing needs is the key to success.”

So far, it’s working. Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc., founded in 1999, incorporated in 2001, is now an industry leader, the most copied manufacturer in North America, Thompson says.

The company’s products are carried by four major distributors across the United States, and are sent to international customers, too.

Part of the draw is that ReDiToo’s tools are backed up with supportive customer service, to recommend a tool to match the job at hand, and that can advise on any problems that arise. Customers often rely on Thompson’s expertise for estimating job length and cost.

Testimonials rave about his high standard for tool performance, noting the equipment often exceeds even Thompson’s expectations for how long it will last, and how quickly it will get the job done.

Reliability of those tools is crucial – thus the company name. When a tool is in the field, it needs to work. Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. tools are made specifically for the job at hand, which saves time and energy on the job site.

Some of their specialty offerings include the beveled edge disc system, cup wheels, and speed shift plates and diamond discs. “Due to the unique shape and design of the aforementioned products we are able to increase our customers profits,” Thompson says.

“I’m able to produce products that improve productivity, which of course lowers labor costs,” he says.

The innovation doesn’t end there: Thompson says to watch for new offerings in the coming year.

Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. shares industry knowledge with training sessions for hands-on use of a number of the company’s products, including walk behind concrete saws, core drills, floor grinders, and floor polishers.

For those not set on buying, ReDiToo also has a rental division for large equipment. Saws, edgers, grinders, and floor polishers are some of the offerings for the experienced professional user.

For more information, see Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. creates products that shine in the construction industry or phone toll free (877) 938-2523).


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