Plans revised for mixed-use development in Lincoln Park


Chicago Construction News staff writer

Updated plans have been revealed for the 94,000 sq. ft. mixed-use development at 1840 N Marcey St. in Lincoln Park. The Sterling Bay developer’s project aims to create a vibrant urban space that includes residential, retail, and public areas.

The project architect is Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) and the development includes residential units, retail spaces, and public amenities.

There are two primary areas, each with a high-rise building, shared central green space and underground receiving area. The project includes a 609 residential units, with 122 designated as affordable housing.

One tower has been reduced to 25 stories from the original 27 story design and will include 315 units, a four-story podium with retail spaces on all sides. The plan also includes an outdoor deck, amenity spaces, and bike parking

The podium’s roof will feature a spacious outdoor deck and amenities for residents.

The second tower will be 15 storeys, reduced from the original 27 story plan and there wil be a three-story podium with four retail spaces and 294 units

The south tower is distinguished by its curved design, which follows the southern edge of the site. The building will have retail spaces on the ground floor, with landscaped areas integrating with the existing railroad tracks. The retail space has been reduced from 17,600 square feet to 9,600 square feet.

The development will incorporate sustainable building practices, including green spaces and energy-efficient systems. This focus on sustainability is not only environmentally responsible but also adds to the long-term appeal of the project.


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