Hinsdale summer construction will need drivers to be patient

Infrastructure improvements taking place this year in Hinsdale marked in different colors. (Kimberly Fornek / Pioneer Press)

Hinsdale is growing and summer construction is expected to be in full swing, so drivers are being asked to be more patient than usual as they navigate streets that may be busy with workers.

Particularly busy, according to The Chicago Tribune, will be the intersection of York Road and The Lane, the Oak Street bridge, Chicago Avenue between Garfield Street and County Line Road and parts of West Hinsdale Avenue. They will all be closed to traffic at the same time, forcing drivers to take alternate routes.

Construction which will last the longest and could create the biggest traffic headaches, is along Chicago Avenue which is expected to last through to October. Work here will include new water mains, replacing sewers and manholes and reconstructing the concrete road from Garfield to County-Line Road.

Dan Deeter, village engineer, said after this year’s projects, the village will have repaved or rebuilt 54 miles of the total 66 miles of streets in Hinsdale since 2008.

“People wanted us to fix the roads, so now we are fixing them,” Deeter said, adding that means residents and drivers will need patience to get around.


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